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Welcome to Rogers’ Northside Garage in Boise ID,
your complete auto repair and maintenance shop.

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A few more of our specialties

Engine Repair

Is your Check Engine Light on? It’s time for a trip to the Engine Repair professionals at Rogers’ Northside Garage. Let our technicians get your car’s engine running like the day you bought it.

Brake Repair

Your brakes are you car’s biggest safety feature – are they working perfectly? Our technicians have all received advanced certification in Brake Repair, and will have your car’s braking systems working like new.

Transmission Repair

We pride ourselves on offering our friends in Boise and Boise the best in Transmission Repair. Our auto repair shop offers everything from complex mechanical solutions to basic maintenance services.

Auto Electrical Service

Automotive electrical systems can cause complex and frustrating issues. Our Auto Electrical Service experts can solve any electrical problem, no matter how complex.



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J G. from Boise on 10/10/2018 for an auto service of their Toyota and their testimonial is:
"I recommend Northside every chance I get! Totally trustworthy and always friendly and helpful. It isn’t all about the money with them and they know what they are doing!!"

Douglas H. from Boise on 8/13/2018 for an auto service of their Chevrolet and their testimonial is:
"Their customer service is great. They made sure to keep in touch with me about the repairs and possible solutions. The quality of work on my repairs was very good. I spent over two hours driving after getting my car back. It runs like brand new again."

Dan J. from Boise on 3/31/2018 for an auto service of their Honda and their testimonial is:
"I rarely leave reviews, but Roger's Northside Garage deserves one. A little about me: I'm a DIY kind of guy, grew up working in 4x4 shops and salvage yards, am cynical/skeptical and feel there are more bad repair shops than good which is unfortunate because it gives the hard-working honest shops an extra hurdle to attract new customers. But Roger's, wow, more Boise businesses should be run like this place! How did I find Roger's? Did a Google search for "Best Boise Independent Auto Repair" and they were always in the top three. My call for an estimate was answered quickly, Brad was friendly and patient (probably deals with a bunch of 'I think it's a funny sound from somewhere but I don't know where, can you help?') and based on my limited auto parts knowledge and forums his input was a perfect match of what was wrong with our car. As for pricing, it was very, very good and the appointment was quick. Showed up early, got car back on time, and Brad showed us all the work performed and recommended some work that could be done in the near and distant future. No hard sell, no pressure. Everything was on their big screen TV with high-resolution pictures and explanations in layman's terms. They even have a first-time customer coupon. We left almost in shock (no pun intended since our work was for rear struts, ha). Roger's was the opposite of our bad experiences with shady car repairmen, and I will definitely tell everyone to consider Roger's for their professional demeanor, great work and fair pricing. I am in no way affiliated with the shop, its employees or friends."

Rikki Y. from Boise on 10/21/2017 for an auto service of their Mercury and their testimonial is:
"Definitely recommend your shop to others. Thanks for a positive experience!"




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