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Elevating Your Auto Repair Experience

Welcome to Rogers’ Northside Garage in Boise ID,
your complete auto repair and maintenance shop.

A few more of our specialties

  • Ford Service

  • Does your car need an oil change? If so it’s time for a trip to the Ford Service professionals at Rogers' Northside Garage Ford and Chevy Repair. Let our technicians get your car running like the day you bought it.
  • Chevrolet Service

  • Make sure to improve the performance and the life of your Chevy through routine maintenance. Our technicians have all done countless Chevrolet Service jobs, and will have your car running like new.
  • Chevrolet Repair

  • Even a rock can break. Our Chevrolet Repair experts are here to figure out what your car needs to get it up and rock tough again.
  • Ford Check Engine Light

  • Your check engine light can be on for any number of reasons from a loose gas cap to replacing your catalytic converter. The technicians at Rogers' Northside Garage can help you with your Ford Check Engine Light, getting you back safely on the road.

Customer Reviews
Juan M H. on 10/1/2017:
"Great communication of repairs needed and options given."
5 star rating

Sanford T. from Boise, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 8/14/2017:
"They do good work but didnt look deep enough for problem stated. No longer as severe but still there."
3 star rating

Janet R. from Boise, whose Scion was in for an auto repair service, on 7/17/2017:
"They are friendly, honest, and always explain what they found a give you options. Highly recommend"
5 star rating

John H. from Garden City, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 5/15/2017:
"Great service at reasonable prices and what is really important is that they do the work right."
5 star rating

Eden T. from Boise, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 4/11/2017:
"Rogers' always provides exceptional service that it is worth paying a little extra for. Getting great and honest service is hard to come by."
5 star rating


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